This is Me When-sday: 102

Wednesday’s back, so here come some GIFs describing how I feel in certain situations. (Also, if you’ve missed one in the past, you can always click here to see all the “This is me When-sday” posts!) So without further ado:

This is me when…

…my fortune cookie is just TOO accurate:

when i'm reading a kid's book and realize there's an adult joke in it

This is me whenit’s another day of April Showers:

rainy day

This is me whenI have a great new idea but can’t get past the brainstorming phase:

writing is hard

This is me whenI’ve decided to eat healthier but then my friend asks if she can bring me a Culver’s Peanut Butter Shake:

yes no i don't know

Here’s hoping you have no difficult decisions to make this week!



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One response to “This is Me When-sday: 102

  1. BevMom

    I would have cried, too, but have said, “YES!”

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