This is Me When-sday: 93

Wednesday’s back, so here come some GIFs describing how I feel in certain situations. (Also, if you’ve missed one in the past, you can always click here to see all the “This is me When-sday” posts!) So without further ado:

This is me when…

…I finally get home after taking (I kid you not) a boat, a sea plane, a bus, two regular planes (including one 15-hour flight), a train, and another bus from my tropical vacation destination:*


*First world problems, I know.

This is me whenI wake up and remember that I’m now back in cold, gray Chicago:



This is me whenI try out a new exercise class in order to combat said despair:


This is me whenI get caught snooping around for my birthday presents:


Here’s hoping your birthday’s coming up soon and you find lots of great presents!



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