This is Me When-sday: 71

Wednesday’s back, so here come some GIFs describing how I feel in certain situations. (Also, if you’ve missed one in the past, you can always click here to see all the “This is me When-sday” posts!) So without further ado:

This is me when…

…we’re at the ice cream shop and Derek wants me to hurry up and choose already:

at the ice cream store

This is me whenI have to decide between cleaning the house for guests and working out:


This is me whenI’m visiting my sister and her kids wake me up super early and then wonder why I’m in a cranky mood:*

should have let me sleep

This is me when…new friends ask me about my hobbies:

me every day

(Let’s just get it right out there, shall we?)

Hope your new year is off to a great start!

*To be fair, my sister is actually REALLY good about asking her kids not to disturb guests in the morning, and they do a great job. 🙂


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