50 Nifty – North Carolina

This is a post in my 50 Nifty series, in which I’m reading through 50 books that embody each of the 50 United States. Find out why I’m doing this and which books I’m reading when (so you can read along) by checking out my first 50Nifty post, or else browse all 50Nifty posts by clicking here!

Look Homeward Angel, Thomas Wolfe


I have to be honest here: I couldn’t get into this book. My copy was about 600 pages of tiny type on thin paper, and although I made it about 150 pages in, I wasn’t captivated. Certain lines would catch my attention, but the whole story itself felt too meandering and I wasn’t connecting with any of the characters, so I abandoned it. From what I read about the rest of the story online, I feel pretty confident in that decision. I can say, though, that (if I’d finished it) I likely would have thought it a good choice for N.C. on the 50Nifty list. Much of the story takes place there (in the fictional town of Altamont, evidently based off Wolfe’s own hometown of Asheville), and I did feel like I could imagine the town and what its townspeople were like based on the descriptions in the book.

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2 responses to “50 Nifty – North Carolina

  1. BevMom

    Wow! I only tried MAYBE 25 pages and I thought I was going blind. We must have had the same volume. The story moved quickly but then slowed way down. Maybe I was too tired to follow the prose. Or was it my eyeballs? Yes, I gave up, too. But I am thoroughly enjoying one of the next books (“The Round House”) so I know I made the right choice. Happy reading, Dear Daughter !

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