This is Me When-sday: 46

Wednesday’s back, so here come some GIFs describing how I feel in certain situations. (Also, if you’ve missed one in the past, you can always click here to see all the “This is me When-sday” posts!) So without further ado:

This is me when…

…Derek and I randomly run into each other on the way home from different places:

when derek and i randomly run into each other coming home from different directions

This is me when…Uptown Funk comes on as I’m walking to the el:

when uptown funk comes on in my headphones

This is me when…I’m helping Derek with a video project and he asks me to hold his saxophone for a minute:

sax player going crazy

Not really – I’m actually quite timid; more like this:

not sure what to do with my hands

This is me when…I watched #theBachelor finale on Monday:

watching the bachelor finale

Hope your week hasn’t been as boring as that broadcast!



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