Extra! Extra!

Since moving to Chicago, Derek and I have been extras in a couple of projects in the city, which has been (overall) a fun way to see the behind-the-scenes workings of the television/commercial/film industry. There’s a lot of down time, though (a lot!), and one way to pass that time is to get to know some of the other extras. A funny highlight of a recent foray into Extra-land was when we were chatting with a guy from Greece and a woman from Turkey, discussing everything from stock/futures trading to art and movies. I mentioned the idea that someone should write a movie about an artist who fakes his or her own death in order to drive the value of his or her art up, because everyone knows art is only worth something when the artist is dead. The guy (who had actually written a screenplay and a sitcom pilot in the past) got an intense look in his eye, pointed at me, and said, “You know? That’s really good.” He then got up to go into the bathroom to secretly note the idea on his phone (the covert documentation was necessary in this instance because we weren’t actually supposed to have our phones with us on set). When he returned, he promised to give us all a part in said movie, so this post is insurance that he keeps his word on that down the road. Here’s hoping we won’t be extras forever! 🙂


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  1. Cynthia Kneip

    That is so cool! Again, when you and Derek make it big don’t forget about us little people. 😉

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