fall colors

Since I haven’t been in the Midwest for autumn during the past several years, I’ve been annoying everyone I’m with this year by pointing out all the gorgeous colors and making them stop what they’re doing to look. I get inordinately happy walking down a street with a breeze causing the leaves to blow around and settle on the sidewalk in multi-color arrangements. Prime time for the foliage was probably a coupe of weeks ago, when entire trees were bursting with yellow and red (some of the maples positively glow in the sunlight!), but I’m really appreciating the late bloomers (late destroyers of chlorophyll?) in the past few days. There are some Japanese Maples and some Ginko trees in our neighborhood that have just recently changed, and not only are the colors beautiful, but the shapes of the leaves are gorgeous as well.

I’d take photos, but my phone actually is out of storage at the moment. Perhaps that has to do with the almost 4,000 pictures I’ve taken so far this year and haven’t yet removed from my phone (give me a little break, though; I spent 5 months in Europe and moved away from a city I’ve lived in for 6 years, so there were lots of pictures to take). Maybe there’s something deeper there, though – literally not making room for the beauty of the present because I’m holding on too much to the past – 0r maybe I’m just thinking too much about it before I’ve had any coffee this morning. You be the judge.

Happy Monday!


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