InPoWriMo (take 3)

With the onset of November, not only have I committed to not shaving my face for the whole month,* I’ve also decided to try another round of IndividualPostWritingMonth (a.k.a. InPoWriMo). I did this in November of 2010 and again in 2011 with varying degrees of success, and figured I’d have another go at it. To find out more about the inspiration behind the name and the concept, take a look at the post about it the first time around. While some of the edits from 2011 will also be in place, overall the basic goal of quantity not necessarily quality (although if that happens it’ll just be icing on the cake) is paramount.

I’ve not yet set up a posting calendar, but after the other day’s discussion of my blogging process, I figured I’d at least try to follow through on some of my old dusty drafts, so who knows what to expect.

*I’ve actually been on a streak with this–30 years and counting–so November’s no big deal, really.


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