my blogging process

My apologies to those of you who subscribe and may have received an accidental post earlier today. By mistakenly clicking “Publish” instead of “Save Draft,” I’ve been busted for thinking about Christmas shopping already, even if I wasn’t planning on really posting about it yet. Because of that slip-up, I thought I’d let you into my random blogging head and discuss my typical blogging process (if I can use such a structured word). It’s pretty simple, so no need to take notes or anything.

When I have even a random idea for a post (inspiration comes from ALL over, seriously), I’ll jot it down in a notebook in my purse, a note on my phone, or if I’m close to my computer I’ll begin a draft right then and there. I’ll write a few sentences or key words to remind me of what the basic idea was, and then save it to be edited and published later.* When I was in Germany earlier this spring, I actually got to the point of having a posting calendar, which can be helpful if I actually follow through with writing/editing/finding photos for/posting with that schedule, but to be honest, blogging sometimes just takes too much time, and there’s more to life than voluntarily staring at a screen when you don’t need to.

And that’s about all there is to my process! Once in a while I’ll get a series going (TIMW has had 32; I can’t believe it!) but usually I blog about whatever I feel like, when I feel like it.

So, for those of you who saw the “Christmas shopping tip” post mistake earlier, you’ve got the inside scoop on one of my favorites, but rest assured that it will be polished a bit more before I actually publish it at a more appropriate time of year.** Well, better not rest assured, in case I don’t get around to actually finishing the draft, but I digress…

For those of you who blog, what is your process? I’m curious to know if it’s similar to mine. And speaking of creative processes, have you seen these graphics of how famous creatives structured their days? It’s fascinating! I think I may need to find someone called Juliette (or a pub called Juliette’s) and end each day with dinner, cards, and conversation with friends at her place à la Victor Hugo.

*Or more than likely, it will be forgotten about completely because of other bursts of inspiration – I have old drafts dating from 2010 still lurking around. Maybe I’ll get to them eventually.

**Some may think that November 1 is an appropriate time of year to be posting about Christmas shopping, but I generally do not. However, I will admit it’s less shocking seeing Christmas decorations in stores now that we’ve actually had some snow up here.


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