hail and donuts

Whenever  I hear someone describe hail as “golf-ball-sized,” I always secretly think they’re probably exaggerating. So of course, when Derek got a call last night asking how we’d fared after the baseball-sized hail that blew through our town, I wasn’t too worried. At first.

They weren’t exaggerating. Here’s a photo submitted to our local news channel:baseball sized hail from 12 June 2014

We’d made plans to meet some of our Germany students on campus and then carpool to a nearby town for pizza, so we missed experiencing it in person, but after everyone started getting texts and tweets about all the damage back in Abilene, we all started to worry about our cars, which we’d left in a lot on campus.

We drove up expecting the worst (after seeing photos like these):

hail2 hail3 hail1

Thankfully, none of our windshields were busted out, but we do have dents all over our cars, so our insurance companies will be getting calls shortly, I’m sure.

All that said, Derek and I showed up for our regular volunteer gig this morning and due to the storm, the power was out at the church where BOBS is held. So what did we do? Dragged tables outside to make PB&J sandwiches in the light of the street lamps, of course (it was 5:30 a.m.).


We couldn’t serve our usual fare of omelets and toast, so someone went out and bought donuts. We set up some chairs, served the bananas and donuts to our regular guests once the sun came up and sent most off with a PB&J sack lunch. So this morning, Breakfast on Beech Street took on a slightly new meaning.



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