Tour de Leipzig (apartment)




For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by home layouts. I used to plan out my dream house on graph paper (complete with a home theater and an indoor roller skating rink, obviously*), and I could probably sketch many of my childhood friends’ homes pretty accurately to this day. When my parents started thinking about building a new house, I’d hijack my mom’s house plan magazines and hold them hostage in the bathroom for hours, picking out my favorites and making improvements on others. Terms like “breakfast nook” and “mud room” made me very excited. Suffice it to say I like knowing about where people live. I imagine I’m not the only one (hello Young House Love blog, amiright?), so it’s time for a not-well-photographed, somewhat messy, (and evidently disclaimer-riddled) tour of our Leipzig apartment.

First, I love natural light and this apartment is full of it, so it gets about a million points from me right there. 20-foot windows make up one entire wall of our two-story space, and we look out onto a lovely road lined with pretty trees (the windows are twice as tall as you see in this photo).



Here’s a view from the other direction:


To help you get oriented (and to remind myself later!): the front door (which is really from the courtyard in the center of the apartment building – away from the street side) is straight down the “hallway” back there. The tiny kitchen is to the right (kind of glowing orange), and the bathroom is the closed door next to the mirror on the right. Opposite the kitchen, there’s a bedroom that Derek uses as his practice space (he literally practices in the wardrobe in there). At the top of the stairs there’s a loft-like landing with our “office” stuff. It’s where I work when Derek is teaching class below (the focus is a little off, so don’t look at the photo too long, but you get the idea):


Also upstairs are two more bedrooms (one large one where we sleep and a small one that serves as the laundry-drying area) as well as another bathroom. Since we’re only here for a few months, I appreciate the “furnished” aspect of the apartment, even if everything’s not exactly to my personal tastes (Marylin above our bed, for example, although she’s growing on me…):


To my back in this photo are a couple of windows looking out onto the courtyard and a door to our tiny balcony that we (sadly) forget is there because it’s so out of the way.

Despite the fact that I haven’t purchased much to decorate (mostly because we don’t have the space or money to take it back to Texas), a few things here and there throughout the apartment really make it feel like home (photos of family, mail from the States, cheap decor bought on clearance or scavenged from “free” boxes along the street, etc.), so we feel completely at ease here (although I do miss our Abilene kitchen).










My college roommate was always good about documenting our living space (we shared four different rooms during our time at Hope), and while I remember being a little baffled by it at first (“There’s no one in these photos!” and “Why would I ever want to look at our sophomore dorm room again?”), I have since become very thankful and have tried to be better about capturing the everyday life aspects of the different spaces I occupy (although I’m still not great at it).

So, hopefully you enjoyed (and at least mostly understood) the little tour. I know one day down the road I’ll be glad I documented it.

*I think the indoor roller rink was because one of our friends had an unfinished basement with cement floors that we could roller skate around (dodging storage crates and support beams) and it was awesome.


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  1. Cynthia Kneip

    Oh how I love these apartments in Leipzig along with all the great memories that come with them. 🙂

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