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I’ve mentioned in passing the practice of many German businesses to close one day per week (usually Sunday), but I don’t think I’ve mentioned that that day is often called Ruhetag. As in, instead of writing “Closed” next to Sunday on the Hours sign outside, many establishments will write “Ruhetag” instead. It’s a practice that can be frustrating once in a while (when you forget to pick up milk, say, or your printer runs out of ink on an important project), but most of the time is a welcome chance to veg: to start the day on the couch with a cup of coffee and a good book and to end it in the same spot with a cup of tea and a blog post.

We returned from Turkey yesterday afternoon, and after 12 days of traveling, adventure, and trying to “live every moment,” I was content to spend all day today in our apartment in my pajamas, catching up on laundry (although Derek did most of it), emails, and sleep. Therefore, although I look forward to recounting the stories and experiences of the last couple of weeks (including but not limited to a U-turn in a tour bus on a 4-lane highway, an unexpected addition to our tour group, and diving off the second floor of a boat while wearing a dress) for the moment it’s just good to be back home.

On days like today, I’m reminded that sometimes, “living every moment” includes a Ruhetag now and again.




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2 responses to “Ruhetag

  1. Larry Brown

    In my day, all stores were closed on Sunday in Ithaca. One had to plan ahead on Saturdays. Larry

  2. Cynthia Kneip

    I often forget this so thank you for reminding me Rachel. I want to hear more about this diving experience. 🙂

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