We leave for Turkey in just a couple of hours, and while I’m beyond excited to go, it’s a little hard to leave Leipzig because this is happening all over right now:



I almost feel a little guilty posting those pictures because half our family is still buried in snow in Wisconsin and Michigan, but Leipzig has been really beautiful lately! Derek and I spent a good portion of the weekend outside (bike riding, walking, and even jogging for me!), and it has been wonderful.



Looking through my photos to find these reminds me of all the other posts I’ve been meaning to write, but that will have to wait until after Turkey, I suppose, as I’m not taking my computer with me. Until then, take care!



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3 responses to “spring

  1. Larry Brown

    Wow! There IS spring somewhere!

  2. Cynthia Kneip

    It looks more like spring there than it does here and I live in Texas! So beautiful! Can’t wait to hear what you thought about Turkey. Wish I was there with my hubby and y’all.

  3. Rach, very nice photos! Ready for more….

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