This is Me When-sday: 11

Wednesday, it’s good to see you again. Here are some GIFs about how I feel sometimes.

This is me when…

…the train makes an unexpected stop before our intended destination:


This is me when…one of the student’s friends joins our group for an activity:

do you even go to this school

This is me…the one time I got a manicure:

when i got a manicure once

This is me when…we forgot to go grocery shopping before Sunday (when all the stores are closed):

when we forget to go grocery shopping before ruhetag

Derek’s going grocery shopping as we speak, so even if we don’t make another stop before the weekend, at least we’ll have cereal. Hope you have as much to look forward to this weekend!



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3 responses to “This is Me When-sday: 11

  1. Cynthia Kneip

    Where in the word do you find such images? So good and fitting! Yes, I appreciate the businesses being closed on Sunday except for the few times I needed to go to the grocery store. Live and learn. 😉 Hope the cereal is tasty and don’t forget the milk. 😉 By the way, have you tried Quark?

    • Rachel

      Hi Cynthia, the images are everywhere online, and I just adapt them to fit my random thoughts. Have not tried Quark yet but it’s on my list! Hope B’s b-day celebrations go/went well! I’m looking forward to catching up with David next week!

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