This is Me When-sday: 10

Wednesday is back, and so am I, with more GIFs about how I feel at any given moment.

This is me when…

…I want to say something to someone and then I remember I don’t speak much German:

i forgot what i was going to say

This is me when…someone asks if I want dessert:


This is me when…I see a haircut I like:

when i see a haircut i like

This is me when…my facebook status doesn’t get as many “likes” as I expected:

when only one person likes my facebook status

Here’s hoping you have a week that’s worthy of 1,000 “likes”!



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3 responses to “This is Me When-sday: 10

  1. you have me laughing out loud! So funny Cocky – keep them coming!

  2. PS I just realized my comments come as ‘thesisterspalette’, which is my blog, but this is Raevoo 🙂 just in case you thought it was a creepo!

  3. Sara W.

    I love these so much! You make my Wednesdays!

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