a few little things

It snowed in Leipzig for the first time the other day, and there’s a pretty dusting on everything…


…including the fake ducks in the courtyard of our apartment complex.*

When Derek and I first arrived in Germany, we had to pick up some essentials for our apartment, and in the soap section, Derek grabbed a bottle of hand soap indiscriminately from the shelf and tossed it in our basket. My immediate reaction was, “Wait! You didn’t even smell it!” I think this illustrates a fundamental difference in our home-making tastes. 🙂

Derek and I were going through all the random bits of paper and books left over from the on-site directors that were here in Leipzig last year, and we found a postcard from Berlin (Checkpoint Charlie, to be precise) that we have since taped to the back of our door on the way out of our apartment:



It makes us smile whenever we head out, helping to remind us that we’re on an adventure.

*No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post.


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