an apology to all my math teachers

– or – “struggling with the 24-hour clock”

Derek and I love movies. We always get excited this time of year when all of the critically acclaimed films are in the cinemas. But it’s not as easy finding movies being screened in English here. There are some, but it’s sometimes a struggle deciphering the schedule. You have to look for designations such as OmU or OV (or some others that I haven’t figured out yet).

Anyway, we decided to go see Inside Llewyn Davis, which was playing at the Passage Kinos, a theater inside many of the “secret” passageways in Leipzig (more about those later). We navigated our way through the ticket counter, where you actually choose your seats within the theater. They opened the doors about 10 minutes before the movie was to start, and they tore our tickets and we filed in and found our seats.

The lights went down and the previews started (in German) and we were settling in nicely. Until a couple of women came down our row and stood next to us (super awkward in the theater) and asked us something in German. When we looked confused and tried to stammer that we don’t speak German, she switched to English and claimed we were in their seats. So we started frantically looking for our tickets, which had inexplicably disappeared.

Then the lights turned on and the previews stopped.

Everyone was staring at us, and so we started leaving, trying to find the tickets as we went. They reappeared (finally! thankfully!) and we confirmed that we had been in the correct seats, so we showed the tickets to the lady, who nodded and said, “Yes, but your movie starts two more hours from now.”

In the chaos of buying the tickets, understanding the German movie-going system, and staring at all of the showtimes determining when the English screening was, we both thought our movie began at 8:30 p.m. (20:30 here in Germany) instead of 22:30, which was clearly printed on our ticket. (Hence the apology to my math teachers.) Needless to say, we left the theater and wandered around the city center for a couple more hours before returning for the English screening of ILD, which was really good, for the record.

During the course of the evening, we also figured out a couple of things about the system at this particular theater: it is common practice for the lights to come on between the previews and the feature presentation (to get the wiggles out?), so we felt (a little) less awkward about the whole situation. Also, everyone in the theater stays until the very end of the credits, which we were hyper aware of because we were trying to catch the last tram home instead of getting a cab. We sat there in the dark theater, no one stirring, watching the entire credit list, until it finally ended, cuing the lights to come up again and it to be socially acceptable for us to run out of there. (We caught the tram with 2 min. to spare, so I call that a win.)




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2 responses to “an apology to all my math teachers

  1. Larry & Bev Brown

    Hey, Rachel, Are you going to have an Oscar party? And what movies do you think Dad and I might like? Well, Dar and I more like it 🙂


    • Rachel

      Not sure about a party this year – might be difficult to find someone streaming the show live (and it would be at 3 a.m. or so…), but we’ll see! Although we haven’t seen many nominated films yet, I think you should see Nebraska and Inside Llewyn Davis: they were both really good! (And if you haven’t seen Gravity, I’d recommend that, too!)

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