Today was unseasonably warm here (around 45*F/7*C), so I took the opportunity to wander around the area a bit, stopping at secondhand stores and looking into coffee shops, making some mental notes about where to burrow away once the snow comes.

Our neighborhood in Leipzig is known as Plagwitz. It is southwest of the city center and was an industrial hub of the city for many years. The area has recently been revitalized due in large part to the renovation of the Karl Heine Kanal. The canal is a 2600-meter-(1.6-mile)-long artificial waterway that originally was constructed to transport cotton and textiles from all the factories in Plagwitz to the larger rivers in the area.* Since the 1990s, as those factories have been renovated into apartment buildings, the canal has been turned into a walking and biking trail.

DSC_0192(This is actually a picture of the White Elster river, but the canal starts where the trees are on the left, and our factory-turned-apartment-building is right behind those trees: the building with the arched upper windows.)

The name Leipzig supposedly evolved from a phrase that meant, “place where the linden trees stand” and it still seems to live up to that description, as many of the streets in Plagwitz are lined with them. And so, for the next four months, as a recent RBS ad campaign says, “This is Home.”


*All of my facts on this page are from Wikipedia, so I assume they’re all correct, obviously. My graduate degree in action, ladies and gentlemen.


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  1. Larry & Bev Brown

    Thanks for the info! Love you guys! Mom and Dad


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