at home in central Wisconsin

The concept of place, and home in particular, is something I think a lot about. I think people become connected to particular places for a variety of reasons, and I think our desire for that connection to place, for that feeling of “home,” is a driving force behind much of what we do. Think about your latest purchase at Target or craft project, or the last few things you pinned. Chances are some or all of them were a way for you to feel more at home in your corner of the world.

My parents’ cabin in central Wisconsin is one of those places that occupies a place in my heart and will forever. I’ve already gushed about it once earlier this summer, but there’s something about the history I’ve lived there, the memories I’ve shared with those important to me, and the fact that I don’t get to spend much time in Wisconsin these days that combine to create a perfect cocktail of nostalgia for the past, appreciation in the moment, and anticipation for my next visit.

I spent the last week at the cottage, visiting with my parents, both my sisters and their families, and sundry family friends. I created more memories with these people (including skiing on a 500′ line behind the boat, creating a pyramid on skis with my sister and brother-in-law, hitting up the Wheelhouse and Scoopers twice in one week, sailing with my dad, horseplaying with my beautiful nieces and nephews, kayaking with my mom, etc.), and the cottage is even further cemented into my “home” category.

That was my last getaway for the summer, and so I’m hunkering down for another few weeks of really hot temperatures until I can start layering shirts, watching football, cooking apple-y, cinnamon-y things, and planning for next summer’s trip “up north” as everyone in Wisconsin says.




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