not new shoes

Generally speaking, I am frugal. I love window shopping, but I find it hard to pull the trigger sometimes when it comes to actually buying new things. Most of the time, it’s actually a good thing that I don’t spend the money, but sometimes I take things a bit too far.

Case in point: these old pink flats I’ve had for a while (ignore the tape for the moment):


As you can tell, these things have seen better days. They’re pill-y and obviously look worn. But they were too comfortable for me to toss without trying drastic measures first. So I opened up a brown paper bag, taped off the toes with painter’s tape (you want to make sure to get it as tight as possible, to prevent any paint from seeping under), got a little paintbrush and used some black all-purpose paint to buy these dogs a few more wears.


As you can see, the sides are still not great, but with the fresh paint on the toes, the shoes look presentable, so I’m calling it a success. I wasn’t sure how this fabric would do trying to get a straight line, but since the tape was pressed down and I tried to paint away from the tape (as opposed to going towards it, which might allow paint to seep under more easily), the line looks pretty straight, even from close up.

Because I had all the materials easily accessible and I wasn’t doing a complicated pattern, this project took me literally about five minutes, so it’s very doable. If you’re nervous, just wait until you’re about ready to chuck a pair of shoes and then paint them. I may never throw away shoes again!*

*Just kidding. I enjoy buying new shoes, so if I don’t want my husband to get lost in the closet for days, I should probably utilize the trash when things are truly beyond repair. But that doesn’t mean I won’t mourn a favorite pair.


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