of Austin and Anniversaries

Derek and I spent the weekend in Austin, and when I was not attending TxSC conference sessions, we were having a great time hanging out together. Here were a few favorites from the weekend:

  • Barton Springs – we biked here from our hotel (just under 2 miles away), and lemme just say, when it’s 100 degrees outside, the 68-degree water feels amazing! It was such a fun atmosphere, too!
  • Amy’s Ice Cream – they have Biscoff cookies as a mix-in right now, and one thing you might not know about me is that I’m obsessed with Biscoff (cookies, spread, a homemade ice cream recipe I just tried, etc.), so I chose coffee ice cream with Biscoff, and it did NOT disappoint! (Derek had Mexican Vanilla Cookies & Cream, which he says was equally as wonderful.)
  • The Elephant Room – We went to see the Andre Hayward Quintet, and they were great. Since Derek’s a sax player, he especially liked the sax in the quintet, but all of the guys were really talented. The bass player looked like he was having the happiest time of his life – he was so fun to watch! The gin and tonics were refreshing, too. Just a wonderful evening all around.

It was a great weekend away from home, and a fun way to celebrate 7 years of marriage (it’s our anniversary today!).

Bonus highlight: At the “Prom” celebration at the TxSC, there was a “photo booth” where our photos were “processed” and then we received a hand-drawn photo strip in 3 min. Here’s the outcome:

promPretty awesome, huh? Here’s the Quick Draw Photo Booth website. Our artist was hilarious!


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