High Five for Friday – 2 August 2013

High Five for Friday (H54F) – originally seen at The Lauren Elizabeth – is about highlighting the everyday awesomeness from the previous week (or anticipating the awesomeness in the week to come), which I think is a good practice. So without further ado, here are my high fives this week (and let’s be honest – this was an AWESOME week for me):


1. A quiet weekend at home last week. As much as I love getting away, it’s also really nice to wake up late and just have a leisurely weekend sometimes.

2. Celebrating a friend’s birthday with good food and The Wolverine. (Yes, Hugh Jackman came to my friend’s b-day.)*

3. Fresh summer produce!

4. Dinner with friends (including homemade bread and a throwback to our Ohio days with Cincinnati chili). Also, a poetry reading. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. Very good conversation starter, too!

5. A SUPER sweet surprise from Derek in honor of our 7-year anniversary (next Mon.): a private rooftop dinner at an awesome building downtown. I know.

*Not really.


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