Chloe’s Cushions

“Chloe’s Cushions” just had a fun ring to it, I guess. Also, I think I’m channeling something from It’s a Wonderful Life – Zuzu’s petals, maybe? Anyway, I digress…

Most of the time, if I get to go home at lunch, I either take a nap, read a magazine, or stare blankly out at the backyard (anything to not be looking at a screen for a few min.). However, once in a while, I’ll have a hankerin’ to do something. Usually that turns into just eating more, but today I ran out of things to eat after an egg sandwich (amazing), fruit snacks (love ’em), and a mini Cool Ranch* Doritos bag (fine, but I think I mostly ate this out of boredom). So, I looked around until I found this in a closet:


It’s leftover from a project I did with my mom about two years ago, so I think it’s safe to say I wasn’t planning on returning it, or using it for anything in particular. About the time I spotted this, I remembered being grossed out by our dog’s lumpy crate pillow last time I washed it, so I figured I’d make new crate pillows for her crates (inside and outside).

I measured and then made (close-ish) marks with a pen on the foam mat, then cut that sucker up with a bread knife. It didn’t stand a chance.


I found some material I’d bought for something else that I’d never used, and decided it would be perfect. Now, I have sewn things in the past, but I was not about to break out the old Singer I inherited from my grandmother for this. (Anything I’d have to use that sewing machine for would NOT qualify as a lunch-hour project.) So, I did the next best thing. I wrapped it up and safety pinned the fabric on the underside.


Then I put it in her crate.** I think she loves it.


And with that, I wrapped up another lunch-hour mini project!

*What do you think about the fact that Doritos has switched back to Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch instead of Nacho Cheesier and Cooler Ranch? I find that I feel good about the return to the original in the case of Nacho Cheese, but have a hard time breaking my Cooler Ranch habit.

**I feel the need to mention that Chloe*** is only in her crate at night or when she’s taking a nap, so she doesn’t need to be able to stand up in it (as the cushion is a little tall).

***Chloe is not her real name. I’ve changed it to protect her. Just kidding. It is her real name, but I don’t think I would be the kind of person who names her dog Chloe.**** She already had that name when we got her.

****What kind of person does name her dog Chloe? I’m sure the best kind, but one who does not run into human Chloes on a regular basis, as I do.


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