High Five for Friday – 31 May 2013

High Five for Friday (H54F) – originally seen at The Lauren Elizabeth – is about highlighting the everyday awesomeness from the previous week (or anticipating the awesomeness in the week to come), which I think is a good practice. So without further ado, here are my high fives this week:


1. Three-day weekend! What? I used that in last week’s H54F? It was just that awesome, I guess.

2. Our friends Bryan and Kara. True, they moved away this past week, which is not awesome. But they are awesome, and so they are officially commemorated here.

3. A date with Derek which consisted of a $5 hot-n-ready pizza from Little Caesar’s and a couple of hours in a bookstore with a stack of magazines that I love looking at but can’t afford. (Also, especially finding this page in HGTV magazine, which basically mimics my new front door. Guess the color’s a keeper after all!)


4. Game night with friends, complete with mini (and I mean mini) Don’t Break the Ice (I lost):


IMG_3459 - Version 2

5. Girls’ night at Carino’s and seeing The Great Gatsby.

Happy weekend, and happy end of EDIM!


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