EDIM – final update



Please note that I will be doing Shred when I head home today, and plan to do all four things tomorrow.

Please also note the gaping hole that is the box next to Shred box on Tuesday. Yes. I missed a day. Had I known how busy Tuesday evening was going to be, I would have tried getting up early to do it that morning, but I didn’t.

All in all, though, I’d say not bad! Doing this little personal challenge did help me realize some things, though, such as:

1) When I actually listed a few priorities (“These are things I must do today”), I (usually) made time for them, and didn’t procrastinate quite as much.

2) If I do this challenge again, I think the optimal would be one easy thing (sunscreen, make your bed, wipe kitchen counters every night), one medium thing (blog, work on a language, tackle 30 min of your to-do list, etc.), and one hard thing (Shred or another workout challenge, eating really well, etc.). Maybe not 4.

3) If you actually do Jillian Michael’s 30-day Shred for 30 days, you will be stronger, you may not be thinner or weigh less, but you will feel better about yourself and abilities, even if you STILL can’t get all the way through workout 3 without resting at least once. (Those mountain climbers and jumping lunges killed my legs, and the traveling pushups and plank row/leg lift combo right after each other made me want to cry.)


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