30 things to do before I’m 30 – update 1

Since it’s been over 1/3 of the year, it’s time for an update on my 30 things list. I’ve updated things I’ve finished in green, things still to do in red.

  1. Enjoy the last year of my 20s. So far, so good!
  2. Walk the dog at least once/week. No way. Not even close. Must work on this one.
  3. Take a solo trip. Spent time in Chicago by myself, and it was glorious.
  4. Sign up, train for, and compete in a race. Have been running, but have not yet signed up for one.
  5. Spend time exploring Abilene. A bit, but could be better…
  6. Send birthday cards to all immediate family – 7 of 20 done already! (Confession – I don’t know how we forgot, but we missed my father in law’s b-day, and while he got an e-mail and phone call on the day of, he didn’t receive a card in the mail. I consider this a failure on my part.)
  7. Print out and frame at least 3 recent photos of loved ones. Nope, but I plan to do this tonight with Snapfish’s free 101 prints.
  8. Submit an article/essay to be published. Not yet – any ideas for this one? It’s harder than it seems…
  9. Keep (however sparse) notes on the books I read/listen to this year. Yes – Derek got me a “reading journal” after I graduated in December and I’ve been doing a pretty good job keeping up with it so far.
  10. Paint the front door a fun color. Y’all know this happened.
  11. Give a homemade gift. Not yet, but the holidays are still months away.
  12. Create and print at least one photobook of life in the past 7 years. No…(and no excuse, either).
  13. Call my family more often. This one is so vague that it’s hard to judge – I haven’t been keeping track, really, but it feels like I have been. That counts, right?
  14. Go to the dentist. No…haven’t even scheduled the visit yet, although I think about it almost every day.
  15. Work on learning Spanish. Changed this to German for a reason I will tell you about later…, and yes, I have been working on it!
  16. Organize our finances. Kind of – still needs some (okay, a lot of) work.
  17. Wear something that my kids will laugh at me for. Pretty sure that happens every day, but I haven’t bought something specifically for the shock value.
  18. Go to the First Monday flea market in Canton. Not yet, and probably not in the summer. It’s too hot!
  19. Write 50 blog posts. Well on my way, thanks to EDIM.
  20. Take a road trip with Derek. Planned for later this summer. I’m psyched!
  21. Do a project I’ve pinned or marked in a magazine. If painting the door doesn’t count, then certainly something else I’ve blogged about on Wednesdays recently does.
  22. Go somewhere I’ve never gone. Not intentionally, but I will later this summer!
  23. Do something that scares me. Again, not intentionally…
  24. Learn Photoshop basics. Not yet.
  25. Visit an old friend. Traveled to Baton Rouge to visit a high school friend finishing up a graduate degree in ceramics at LSU. It was short but sweet.
  26. Make banoffee pie. Yes! And it was good!
  27. Try out three new restaurants in Abilene. At least one (Abi Haus), but haven’t blogged about them yet.
  28. Sell and give away some of our stuff (yard sale, consign, craigslist, etc.). Not yet.
  29. Practice generosity and hospitality. Sadly, not yet…
  30. Write in my journal more often. Yes! That would be my private journal, that’s not on the internet for the whole world to see.

After the fact, I’ve realized I’m not doing as well on these things as I hoped to be by this time, so it’s time to get on that! This might be the inspiration boost I needed!


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