Whew. How’d it get so hot all of a sudden? It’s the kind of day where I measure the distance between shade trees on campus to determine if it’s worth it or not to go get the mail. Today it’s not.

This weekend, Derek and I experienced “the end of an era” as he says. We’ve decided not to renew our membership to the local sailing club,* so we spent our last day out on the lake this weekend. For the past several years, we’ve been members in order to have access to all of the windsurfing equipment, which we’ve learned how to do since moving here. Once we actually get the sails assembled and take the board and sail down the sloping (and ever expanding) “beach” area between the shed and the water,  the actual windsurfing part is really fun, especially when the wind is just right and you’re able to fly across the water, a little afraid of how fast you’re going. But it honestly takes me a serious amount of psyching up to do the whole process (especially because after the fun part is over, you have to walk the sail and board all the way back up to the shed),** so Derek’s always been the one to suggest it. Since he’s going to be out of town much of the summer, and since we’re both going to be out of town next spring,*** it just didn’t make sense to keep paying the fees if we weren’t able to use the area. And even though I’m okay with the fact that I won’t be lugging a board or sail down to and up from the water anytime soon, I will miss the feeling of being out by the lake. There’s something about the water that is so rejuvenating for me, and I know that’s not unique, but sometimes it’s difficult to find that feeling here in West Texas, so here’s to Lake Fort Phantom.


(Please note – this is a photo of Lake Fort Phantom, but it is of some friends fishing in waders, NOT windsurfers, lest you were confused.)

*It always feels funny to me saying we’re members of the sailing club, because I think of it as an older person thing for some reason. We don’t own a sail boat and we don’t sail (besides once in a while going with someone who knows how).

**And also, the potential for “lost at sea” moments. Remind me to blog about that sometime…

***I know you can’t wait for me to tell you why!


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