EDIM update

Guys. (And girls. Okay, mostly girls. But I was thinking inclusively when I said “guys” originally.)

Anyway…guess what? I have done EVERY one of my Every Day in May (a.k.a. EDIM) challenge points so far! If you recall, earlier this month I pledged to do the following “every day” in May:

  1. Work on learning German.
  2. Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred
  3. Post on this blog. (This won’t be really “every day” in the official sense. Instead, I’ll be posting each M,T,W,R,F – besides Memorial Day.)
  4. Wear sunscreen.

I made myself a little checklist that I keep by my bed, and I think between being able to physically check items off each day, telling friends about it, and writing about it on the blog, I’ve been held accountable to actually do them. So thanks for being the push I needed to get out of bed and work out with Jillian some of those mornings! Speaking of Jillian, that component has been the most difficult by far, and I have to be honest – I was especially unmotivated for it on Day 7, but I still watched the entire workout and participated (although my participation could be described as less than stellar). And I also have to be honest – I haven’t lost any weight* (I’ve actually put weight on!**), but I am sticking with it!

Halfway there!

*Okay – let’s talk about this for a minute. The DVD claims that one could “lose up to 20 lbs. in 30 days,” but not only is that really unhealthy, how in the world could they actually substantiate that claim? Since muscle is more dense than fat (and one would assume participants are building muscle), wouldn’t participants most likely gain weight (while losing mass)? But I guess stating “gain up to 6 lbs. in 30 days” doesn’t sell as well, even if they were to specify that said weight gain will be muscle. Let’s change that. Let’s advocate for strength over skinniness!

**I’m choosing to believe I’m developing muscle mass, but let’s be honest (I’ve been narrating my honesty a lot today), this – and its relatives – probably have something to do with it, too…


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