spring strawberry cake

Our book club has a loose tradition that whoever hosts for the month will provide snacks and beverages that have something to do (however remotely) with the book we read that month. So when I hosted last (a couple of weeks ago), I had a plan.

And then I saw this.

ImageLet’s just say my plan went out the window. This Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake looked perfect (and Pinterest led me – and so I will lead you – to the original recipe here). I’m not sure what the weather was like a couple of weeks ago where you live, but here in Texas it was perfect for this cake – 76 degrees, breezy, sunshine-y, etc. And I happened to have all of the ingredients (with some slight variations) already. So, I made the recipe with the following changes:

  • plain non-fat yogurt in place of the Greek yogurt
  • 1 1/2 c. sugar instead of 2 cups (every little bit helps, right?)
  • 3/4 c. powdered sugar instead of 1 (see parenthesis above)

And guess what? It was awesome. The sweetness of the strawberries balanced with the tartness of the lemon icing (and the zest in the batter)…I just can’t even say.

Since this cake still looked and tasted so good with a couple of adjustments, I am really looking forward to trying to make it a little more – dare I say – healthy by replacing some butter with applesauce and cutting out even more of the sugar. If I do, I’ll post about the results! But in the meantime, enjoy. Seriously. Enjoy. (Is it weird that my mouth is watering right now? Two weeks later?)


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