brass animals

When I graduated in December, a sweet member of my book club gave me this awesome owl, who (ha, get it?) has since come to live on top of a stack of books in a birdcage:


Since receiving Frederick (named after the author about whom I wrote my thesis – Frederick Buechner), I have fallen in love with two other brass animals.

When my in-laws were in town in Feb., I found Gail the Whale for $5 at an antique store. There’s something about the curve of her tail that fits perfectly around my thumb, and it reminds me of the tactile comfort that I used to get from an old baby blanket that felt just right in my hand. Gail is a paperweight in my office now, and I feel a little burst of happy every time I look at her.


Then a month later, on a trip to nearby San Angelo, I saw the snail (who has yet to be named, although let’s be honest – if I hadn’t named the whale Gail, the snail might have been Gail instead).* I loved the pointy nose (do snails have noses?) and the lines on her/his shell. I put it on our mantle, and I slowly scooted it to the opposite side over a couple of days, and although Derek didn’t notice like I hoped he would, I kind of cracked up over it myself. What can I say – I’m easy to amuse.


These three critters are the only ones of their kind in my house right now, but I have a feeling their ranks may swell someday. Especially if I find a brass armadillo. That would be awesome!

*I will honestly consider any name suggestions you might have for the snail.


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