the day I painted my front door neon chartreuse

Also known as the Spring ’13 Pinterest Challenge.* Which – let’s be honest – if this were an actual challenge, (with scored judging, et. al.) I think the audience would still be waiting with bated breath to find out the final score while the jury (do they have “juries” in the Olympics and the like?) was still be out deliberating. I know I am. Deliberating. And I guess waiting. Not sure yet if I’m the judge or the audience. I am mixing too many metaphors here.

So…as I was saying, here’s the before:


I was originally inspired by the distinctive front door in Notting Hill (Anna: “Well– What do you mean, ‘just over the street’? Give it to me in yards.” William: “Uh, 18 yards. That’s my house there with the blue front door.”) and I guess many other beautiful front doors I’ve seen in my day (okay – it’s still less than 30 years, but my mom can attest to the fact that I had a favorite door picked out at a young age – a practice I still continue to this day). But in addition to those mental images of beautiful doors, I also pinned this and this. And this. Oh, and also this (but that’s a llama,** not a door. I digress).

Here’s the after:


I know there’s a lot more I could do to make the after photo look WAY better than the before (accessorize, move the bike, sweep, add new exterior light fixtures, etc.) but I decided to take the opposite route and instead actually added junk (literally – that black bucket is trash) to the after photo. Just keepin’ it real.

So…the color is different than I wanted (I was going for more of an asparagus green (not so much yellow), so when the chartreuse thing happened, I was a little disappointed. I don’t often pick paint colors, so I’m not surprised, but I later told Derek, “the color I wanted is the color the door is when you’re looking through the storm door” but our storm door is so reflective that you have to be about six inches*** away in order to see it. Like so:


Better, huh? Anyway. I didn’t really feel like going back to Lowe’s one more time and picking out a new paint color, and I have to admit the neon-ness of the chartreuse is kind of growing on me. So, I need suggestions and opinions. Give it to me straight. What do you think of the door? Is it a keeper?


*”What is a Pinterest Challenge?” did you say? I’m glad you asked. Go to the hosts’ pages herehere, here, and here to find out.

**Or an alpaca…who knows the difference? Probably Google (or Siri), but it’s easier to type this as a footnote than to fact check. This is a blog, after all!

***”Six. Inches!” Elf, anyone?



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22 responses to “the day I painted my front door neon chartreuse

  1. Jo

    Daring, brave and just right for spring. The beauty of paint is that it does NOT last a lifetime. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • Rachel

      Thanks, Jo! At least your comment enables me to procrastinate on changing it for a couple more months!

  2. Green doors for the win! I loved my green door so much, I named my blog after it 🙂 haha. It looks good!

  3. Sara

    I love it! Definitely a keeper, add some turquoise, orange or yellow and it would all work together.

  4. Hopping over from YHL. I LOVE your door and I think it’s lovely. You could always paint the frame for the storm door or add a wreath to add a little extra jazz. My score is a 10! Totally keep it.

    • Rachel

      Thanks, Holly! I do have some wreaths pinned that I think would look nice, so maybe that will be my next project…

  5. I kind of like it, but I think we’d have a better idea if we could see how it looks in context to your whole house 🙂 And yes, I think I like the color through the storm door a smidge better 🙂 And… “Six inch ribbon curls” “But that’s impossible” “Six. Inches!” 🙂 Awesome.

    • Rachel

      Thanks for the honesty, Justine! Hopefully I’ll get around to posting whole house pics soon. SOOO glad you got the Elf quote, too – that kind of stuff makes me smile!

  6. I like it – nice contrast with the dark. It POPS like “WECOME HOME!!!!!”

    • Rachel

      Thanks, Carrie! And judging from your recent blog post, you’re contemplating the same kind of change…and now that you know my penchant for bright colors, you can probably guess my vote: I’d say go with the teal. 🙂

  7. Stacey @ Likes to Smile

    Found you from the YHL link up and I must say: I love it! It looks happy and refreshing. And like you really want to walk inside and see the rest of the house!

    • Rachel

      Thanks for the vote of confidence, Stacey! Come back here sometime and maybe I’ll have glimpses into the inside as well!

  8. Lisa E

    Over from YHL and I do love it even with it’s brightness. I’m about to paint my Hunter Green door a bright blue myself. If you want to take some of the spotlight away, just accessorize a bit. Maybe a small pillow on the chairs with green and blue on it? Lighter colored sconces using spray paint?

  9. OKay, this looks great and I’m totally in favor of brightly painted neon doors! Not just because I’m a daily stalker of YHL and Bower Power but because I just painted my door this weekend too, lol. I painted it chartreuse as well but not neon and I’m completely in love with it =) Just need to blog about it now.

    • Rachel

      Yes, Kristin, I look forward to reading your front door post. We’ve kept our color so far, and it is growing on me!

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