wall of inspiration

My office, while tiny by some standards, is pretty much perfect for me. It has large windows that let in lots of light, but the shrubbery growing outside beautifully blocks the harsh Texas summer sun. I like my chair (which can be a big deal, I guess, since I spend more time there than in my own bed), and even though I’m surrounded by cinderblocks, at least they’re green.

But the highlight of my office actually started as an accident. One of my walls was completely blank, and so I randomly started taping up posters for events on campus or promotional materials related to my job, inspiring travel quotes or beautiful postcards I received. While it’s not finished yet (and some of the original placeholders I’m sure could be replaced with more inspiring things), I love glancing over at that wall whenever I need a flash of inspiration or a moment “away” from the office. I guess in some ways, the blank spaces encourage me to continue looking for inspiration from other parts of my life to add!



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