High Five for Friday – 3 May 2013

High Five for Friday (H54F) – originally seen at The Lauren Elizabeth – is about highlighting the everyday awesomeness from the previous week (or anticipating the awesomeness in the week to come), which I think is a good practice. So without further ado, here are my high fives this week:

  1. Burgers (and awesome seasoned fries) at Wholly Cow on Saturday after helping friends move out of their apartment.
  2. Book Club at my house on Mon. night.
  3. A little bit of rain for our pecan tree (nothing makes you appreciate rain like living in West Texas – although I also have family in the midwest who’d love for it to stop raining, already!).
  4. (Who’d have thought?) Pizza and laughter with my husband’s students at an end-of-semester celebration.
  5. The good kind of soreness from 2 days of Shred.

I think you’re supposed to have photos to go with each, but I’m evidently not very good at documenting the moments that made this list, so I’ll have to work on that. Have a great weekend!


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