shelf awareness

My in-laws were in town in February this year, and for my (belated) birthday present, they bought me this:


Lovely, isn’t it? I know. They must really love me.

The truth is, I picked it out at an estate sale that my M-I-L and I were at, thinking I could turn it into something a little more beautiful. I loved the lines of it (that’s such a cliche, but it’s true!) and I’d been wanting to re-arrange our bedroom, so I figured this could fit in with that plan.* The good thing was that since my in-laws bought it, I felt some pressure to actually DO something with it (instead of letting it sit in my garage like several other grand ideas that have not yet come to fruition).

So starting that night, I worked on it! I wiped it all down, removed lots of ugly bits (like that paper glued to the bottom and middle shelves) sanded it (using some random sandpaper I had literally found on the side of the road a few months earlier), then primed and painted it with leftover (probably 5-year-old) primer and paint. It took too many coats (1 of primer and I think 4-5 of paint – I guess I was putting them on too thin), but eventually I had enough coverage to call it done. I’ll be the first to say it’s not perfect, but it’s come a long way from the neglected tool shed I found it in at the estate sale, and it makes me happy, so I’d call that a success. First, an after photo of the shelf itself:


And then, because the lighting in that photo might make you believe I have emerald green walls and painted the shelf dingy cream (which is not bad, per se, but just not a true representation of our bedroom), here’s a room shot with natural light (and a better idea of what the wall color actually looks like):


You can see the shelf over on the left side, and the white thing in the front left corner is my dresser, which faces the bed. I’m standing in the doorway to our closet to take this photo.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the awesome birthday gift!

*Derek makes fun of the fact that I sometimes create to-scale floor plans of rooms and furniture out of cereal boxes and then virtually re-arrange endlessly. But that’s better than making him help me move furniture over and over again, right?


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