love is in the air

This weekend Derek and I went to a friend’s wedding (and sadly missed another friend’s wedding happening in Chicago), and so I’ve been reminiscing lately about our own wedding almost 7 years ago. Before I go any further, let me offer a disclaimer: I know everyone is different, so please understand that what I write below is my own opinion about my own situation, so please don’t think that I am making a judgment call on anyone else’s choices for their weddings. 🙂 Plus, if you are planning a wedding right now, you may currently be in the “truly believing” stage and the reality of some of these statements may not be revealed to you until several years down the line. 

I give you: “What I’d Do Differently” – or – “A few things that I (as a bride) truly believed in the moment, but upon further reflection (and years of experience attending weddings) have changed my mind about.”

1. “Because the top and skirt are separate, they really could re-wear part of the ensemble later.” I now realize that no matter how beautiful/versatile, etc. you believe them to be, if your bridesmaid dresses have satin in them (or if they’re purchased through a bridal store), the girls will NOT be wearing them for anything again in the future.

Image2. “It’s worth it to cut out hundreds of circles of tulle and then cauterize the edge with a candle to make your own flower petals for people to throw at you instead of buying them.” If you can’t afford to buy petals for folks to toss, just go without. Your un-burned fingers will thank you. And you’ll find better things to do with the countless hours.

Image3. “We should really make our own wedding favors. Yes, it will involve (at least) an entire day inside mixing/baking/icing/stamping/bagging hundreds of cookies, but our guests will be astonished at the personal touch and the various color-coordinated stamps.” In reality, the project (which I’d never tried before) was more complicated than I originally anticipated, the cookies ended up being somewhat stale (we had to make them several days in advance), probably 50% were left behind at the reception, and (honestly?) almost no one really cares about wedding favors anyway.


4. “We need to have every possible combination of formal photos with both our families.” I have never printed any of these photos, and I honestly don’t plan to. If you must do formal photos, just get one shot of the whole group, then go to the reception so your guests can eat and dance already!













One thing that I truly believed at the moment and still truly believe, however, is how blessed I am to have married the man I did. My opinions about everything else may continue to change, but this one will not.

All the best to the newly-married couples out there!


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