adult sleepovers

Okay. First? It’s impossible to describe something as “adult” without people thinking it’s dirty, but I don’t know of any other word to use (“mature” is also out*). I’m open to suggestions.

That said, the past few months Derek and I have been to and/or hosted three adult sleepovers, and y’all seriously need to try it. If sleepovers were fun as kids, they’re even better as adults, because YOU make the rules! No “Laugh into your pillow! My mom’s going to come down!” or having to choose between ice cream and cookies (you can have BOTH!).

There seem to be a couple different ways to do the “adult sleepover” thing, and both are awesome. It can either be a smaller affair with one or two families, or it can be a full-out slumber party complete with video game tournaments and debates covering the pros and cons of watching Anchorman over Ghostbusters. And because this blog is where I want to chronicle things that make me happy, I’m going to give you a taste of the sleepovers we’ve been to recently. If you decide to have one, let me know – I’d love to hear about it!

Just before Christmas, we went to another couple’s house and spent the evening eating, talking, and watching old Christmas movies. Once everyone was falling asleep (the “Snow” song in White Christmas can serve as a sort of lullaby if it’s 1:00 a.m.), we shuffled off to bed (us in the guest room and them in their bedroom). Then, (wait for it), the next morning, we woke up and were already hanging out again! We had breakfast, finished White Christmas, lounged in our pajamas, and slowly started our Saturday.

On the Sun. night before MLK day, a big group of friends decided to have a sleepover**, so we packed some snacks and our pjs and went to their house. There were four kids six and under running around, so Brave was the first movie of choice, while the adults gathered around the kitchen table eating chips and queso, talking about adult things***, and laughing like crazy. (On more than one occasion, the kids actually sent a delegate into the kitchen to “shhhh” us, which was hilarious.) Once the kids went to bed (all in sleeping bags in one of the back bedrooms), the adults stayed up until almost 2, until we all shuffled off to our various sleeping places all over the house (this time, another couple and Derek and I slept on air mattresses in the living room). Once people started getting up the next day, we created an amazing breakfast and played video games in our pajamas, congratulating ourselves on figuring out this awesome idea.

The sleepover last weekend was more like the first, but another couple brought their dog to our house to play with Chloe. I have to say, it’s kind of fun being able to sleep in a friend’s guest bedroom (or have them sleep in yours). Maybe it’s because I love Anne of Green Gables, but there’s something special about it (as long as you don’t jump on an old great-aunt!).

The whole thing is almost like camping, but without the additional hardships of cooking over a 3″ diameter stove or getting out of a cozy sleeping bag to trek the length of a football field to the bathroom (unless you’ve got really rich friends, in which case you still may have to walk quite a ways down the hall). I’m pretty confident that there will be more adult sleepovers in our future!

*Although let’s be honest: “mature” is not what I’d call our behavior at our sleepovers anyway.

**In the email chain that went around for the planning, my friend Mike wrote, “I’ve been waiting my whole life to go to a slumber party with girls and beer!”

***In this instance, the term “adult” is probably meant in the sense you’re thinking…


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