YHL Macklemore Thrift Store Challenge

There are many things I love in this world…breakfast foods, my family, this GIF (just to name a few). Well, I also love thrift store shopping and as blogs go, Young House Love, so when YHL posted a thrift store challenge last week, I knew I had to get over my W&A anonymity and “link up” as they say in the blog world. Here are the directions:

1) Take a photo of you and Andy J. outside your thrift store of choice* (is it bad that our 7th president has better eyebrows than I do at the moment?):


*By the way, the thrift store I’m at is Goodwill – not just “WILL.”

2) Find something Macklemore mentions in his thrift store song. Confession time: I’ve never actually heard the song (yet). But I hear he mentions a kneeboard, so behold, in desert-y, land-locked West Texas:


(Do you realize how difficult it is to take a photo of yourself holding a kneeboard? In a public place? Yes, I know I should have brought a friend, and yes, I felt silly doing this while everyone nearby looked at me strangely, but I procrastinated too long and had to rush over to the thrift store after work last night, so I did what I had to do.)

3) Document your spoils, then add your link to the YHL page:


Cool MCM-ish chair ($15) with great lines (but a not-so great home paint job that I hope to redo) and two ceramic (?) coyotes ($2 for large, $1 for small) for our guest bedroom that I plan to spray paint a fun color. I must admit, lately I’ve been disappointed with Goodwill’s furniture pricing. I mean, often you could buy something brand new from Ashley for the same price, so I was psyched to see the chair for $14.99.

Speaking of thrift store chairs, I think I have a problem that I will tell you about someday, but as a hint, I’d like to share the following bonus photo:


Can you guess what might have happened?



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2 responses to “YHL Macklemore Thrift Store Challenge

  1. Beautiful chair, and I’m guessing the other chairs were part of the off-record YHL challenge that went home with you.

    Surprisingly the day we did the challenge, the furniture options were slim pickings. Previously we nearly took home 2 couches for $20 and $15 respectively from where we did the challenge.


    • Rachel

      Yes – the other chairs were purchased as well, although on a different trip. 🙂 Stay tuned, though, for the reason why they’re not in Texas at our house yet…

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