26 things list – as updated as it will ever be

I can’t figure out how to hide a “page” (like the “about” section and the “30 things” list above), but I also don’t want to lose this reference for my 26 things list, so I’m publishing it as a post, as well. Maybe I should add “learn how to work your blog, already” to my next list…

Here are 26 things I want to do before Jan. 12, 2011.  They are big, small, medium-sized, and in no particular order.  I’ll keep you updated with my progress!

  1. Learn another song on the piano
  2. Try something chocolate again (No post about it yet.)
  3. Continue taking classes towards my degree (Posted about it here.)
  4. Go camping at least twice (Posted about it here.)
  5. Back up old computer files (Posted about it here.)
  6. Try out 3 new restaurants in town (Posted about it here.)
  7. Start using a clothesline to hang laundry (Posted about it here.)
  8. Write at least 12 letters
  9. Take a road trip with Derek (Posted about it here.)
  10. Buy something from a thrift store (No post about it yet.)
  11. Go to Germany (Posted about it here.)
  12. Eat something I grew with my own hands
  13. Wear my (inherited) cowboy boots at least once.  (They are blue and white, so this is actually going to be tough, even in Texas…) (No post about it yet.)
  14. Sew something (Posted about it here.)
  15. Learn to use a harness windsurfing (No post about it yet.)
  16. Make a new friend (No post about it yet.)
  17. Visit an old friend (No post about it yet.)
  18. Do an anonymous good deed (No post about it yet.)
  19. Give a homemade gift (No post about it yet.)
  20. Explore a little Texas town (Posted about it here.)
  21. Hang curtains in our front windows (No post about it yet.)
  22. Take more photos (and learn how to use our new camera) (No post about it yet.)
  23. See at least 6 Oscar-nominated movies (Posted about it here.)
  24. Read at least 24 books (Posted about it here.)
  25. Start a blog (Posted about it here.)
  26. Run farther than I’ve ever run before (No post about it yet.)

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