breakfast foods

Week of Lists – Day 1

Breakfast Foods I Love:

Okay, before I get to the actual “list” part, quick disclaimer: I love most breakfast foods, so I am not including generic categories (pancakes, waffles, eggs, etc.). Rather, I am including specific breakfast foods that have a nostalgic value to me.

  1. C.D. Beck’s (aka Frank’s Corner Cafe): Farmer’s Skillet – perfect mix of greasy hash browns, bacon, green peppers, and onions under melted 3-cheese blend and topped with two over-easy eggs. Side of toast or English muffin, obviously.
  2. Egg McCochrane – okay, so maybe we didn’t make it up, but my mom made these pretty often while I was growing up, and they just can’t be replicated by McDonald’s. Why? Because we use Bay’s English muffins, over easy eggs, sharp cheddar (okay, American still tastes great in a pinch), fresh-ground black pepper, and serve it all with a cute glass of not-from-concentrate o.j.
  3. Bran Cereal (I know, I’m 27 and a grandma…) and Light Vanilla Soy. The only cereal that I like a little soggy. Derek makes fun of me because I eat this about 4x/week for breakfast and I love it. So. Much.

Partly because I’m running out of time – okay, mostly because I’m running out of time, I think I’m good with 3 things for now. Rest assured there are tons more where this came from (I usually say that if I had to pick one type of food to eat for the rest of my life, it’d be breakfast food).


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