That’s when my mom’s plane is scheduled to land!

She hasn’t been able to make a trip down since Oct. of 2008, which was only 3 months after we moved in, so I’m so excited to host her now that we’ve been here a few years and actually have (among other things) friends, favorite places to eat, ideas for activities, a dog, etc.!

Also, talk about a surprise…someone just walked in my office door (okay, okay, I’m typing this at work, but it’s taken about 2 min. so far, so no harm done) with a huge bouquet of roses (you know where this is going). I glanced up for a second and thought, “Wow, I didn’t know it was Lucy’s anniversary,” and then the delivery lady said she was looking for me! What the? That’s not exactly Derek’s style, although he can come up with some pretty incredible surprises. I read the card and they were from my sweet dad, who was sad he couldn’t be coming down with my mom to see me.

Altogether now….awwwww! (But seriously, aren’t dads the best?)


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