On Taco Tuesday (on Wednesday)

Whenever/if ever the day comes that I move away from Texas, one thing I will miss is Rosa’s Tortilla Factory.* The local Tex-Mex place has become a tradition, almost a habit, on Tuesdays. They sell their taco plates for a discount, and for the last couple of years, D and I have been meeting up with various friends on Tues. to talk, laugh, eat, and doctor our meals with endless condiments.

It’s not that Rosa’s food is so unbelievable, either (although, honestly? I do love their flour tortillas with honey and butter and sometimes I close my eyes while I eat it b/c it tastes so. perfect.). No, instead it’s the fact that we can eat a meal for a total of $4 (for 2 of us!) while also spending some time with good friends. So maybe it’s not Rosa’s that I’ll miss so much if/when we leave, but the conversations, impersonations, stealthy stealing of chips from other tables, and laughter (which has, on occasion, led to spitting out food) that occurs every time we’re there.

*Derek feels that this is an adequate name because the tortillas actually are made right in the restaurant, as opposed to other restaurants with “Factory” in the name, *cough* Cheesecake Factory *cough,* that do not actually produce said item on site.


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