InPoWriMo (take 2)

Last year I decided to inaugurate InPoWriMo, and although November looks to be the craziest month yet for me this year, I figured, why not? A few modifications from last year:

  • I’ll post only M-F (and during Thanksgiving week, only M and T) instead of “every day.”
  • No writing what I’m thankful for (not because I’m not thankful, but more because I didn’t live up to that resolution last year so who’s to say I’d be able to this year?).
  • If I miss a day, I will not necessarily be making up for it during the week before or after (hopefully with promised posts only on days I’ll be around a computer, it will be easier for me to not miss any days).

Please keep in mind this line from last year’s first post, as it still stands for this 2011 version: I promise nothing as to the content of these posts, right now we’re going for quantity, not quality.

…that said…

I saw this ad today on msn, and I leave it with you as food for thought. I guess prozac is no longer necessary?

Hate to be cynical two days in a row, but who knew you could actually buy joy? (Needless to say, this ad is quite disturbing to me.)


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