how do food bloggers do it?


In the midst of measuring, pouring, mixing, splattering, melting, sifting, crumbling, chopping, slicing, stirring, and any other “term”ing, how do food bloggers take pictures of the process and still get everything done?

I made an apple crisp last week or so (the first official one of fall), and thought it would be fun to document and post about. Here’s what I got:

(Note that this is after much of the aforementioned sifting, measuring, etc. Didn’t get any shots of that, now, did I? Although in my own defense, it’s not like I have three arms.)

Also, after deciding to “food blog” for a day, I realized in horror that I’m a complete phony. Just to the left of this photo (on the table) and just to the right (on the counter), there are piles of paper, scarves and keys, dirty dishes, and various other items, but I guess I wanted to look like Suzie Homemaker or something, with a perfectly prepped workspace and sunlight streaming through the window* so I actually shoved everything out of the shot (the grittiness** of my true confessions can be a bit much, I know).

The only other picture(s) I managed were about five versions of the one below – right before I put the crisp in the oven (and yes, I did remove the dirty dishes from the sink and stack them there for a better photo composition. Like I said – phony):

For the record, the apple crisp was really good. I used this recipe, but added another 50% to the crisp part (obviously – like anyone that loves butter and crunchy, sugary oats) and didn’t quite use a full 8 cups of apples. Also, I served it with vanilla ice cream, (again, obviously).

So the moral of this story is that, since I already need as much help as I can get when it comes to creating edible things in the kitchen, I have no business bringing a camera into the mix.*** At least not yet.

*Ok, the sunlight really was streaming through the window. You can’t fake that. Unless you have a production studio, which I don’t.

**Realized (after looking up the spelling just to be sure) that I don’t like the look of this word as much as I like the sound (maybe it looks too symmetrical for what it’s supposed to describe or something?). Therefore, while it will remain in my vocabulary, it will probably not make many more appearances on this blog.

***Also, since introducing said camera evidently brings out the part of me that needs to rearrange my workspace for the sake of my (non-existent) blog readers, it’s just a little too much hassle for what it’s worth. My compliments to all the food bloggers out there who do not run into these issues and instead make me feel like maybe someday I, too can document my culinary forays in an inspiring way.


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