just your average Thursday

Yesterday, while carrying a box down the hall on my way to some very important thing, I passed another box-lugger and actually said out loud, before thinking about it, “Box carriers of the world, UNITE!” I would probably have fist-pumped the air had I not been carrying said box. She kind of laughed and we passed by, and the rest of my walk I could not stop wondering what she must be thinking. Was she weirded out? Delighted at my randomness? Or did she not even think twice and instead simply go on her merry way?


Also yesterday, as soon as 5:00 rolled around, I grabbed six empty cans from our break room and ran out the door. I changed clothes at home and then went to the local fair all by my lonesome. I had one purpose: acquire a funnel cake and consume it! (Or half of it, as the case may be.) Why six empty cans? So I could get into the fair for free, of course. Why all alone? Because I didn’t want to dawdle with the turkey legs or fried pickles with which others might be tempted. Why only eat half? Because otherwise I’d have died on the spot (but also because I wanted to save some for Derek so he wouldn’t think I was so crazy). Funnel cakes cover a multitude of sins/craziness.

Finally, to round things off, we had dinner with two fun groups of people. The first was at Pizza Inn for a friend’s birthday (I kept trying – a little too hard, probably – to make it obvious to the employers that we weren’t actually eating anything…I’m such a rule follower). The second was for a Grad. English Dept. dinner with some awesome fajitas. A fellow attendee told a hilarious story of passive-aggressively* correcting the grammar of a car salesman and the aftermath, which culminated in an inscription across all the windshields of the cars, “Hey Grammer Hammar – It still run’s great!”**

I wish all Thursdays were like this!

*Every time I have to spell aggressive, I think of the old cheer/basketball warmup song/JockJam: Be aggressive, B-E aggressive! B-E  A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E! Aggressive!!!!!! Thought I’d share.

**This is not verbatim, although the story teller did mention that his clever pseudonym, “The Grammar Hammer,” was butchered by the proprietor. Also, “run’s great” was the original source of correction, so that part IS verbatim.


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