have you ever…

…given an important presentation only to find out later that your zipper was down? Because I did this last Monday.

…had a car battery die 2 days after the 2-year free replacement warranty? Do they have a timer in those things?

…forgotten the password to a blog you started because it’s been so long since you posted an entry and so therefore had to abandon the whole thing and start a new one? I present exhibit A.

…felt like since not signing on facebook in the last few weeks, you’ve actually missed a lot, and then felt kind of sad about that fact? It happened to me today.

…been excited about literary theory? No, me either.*

…gone to Taco Bell at 11p.m. when you were not a college student? (Does grad school count, because that’s where I was last night at 11. What about if you went after you ate ice cream?)

…had a meal that involved both spaghetti and jello? Derek and I had it for dinner on Sat. visiting with some new friends.

*Just kidding – I’m actually enjoying the class so far, I just thought it would be funnier (and less nerdy?) to say that I haven’t.


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