It’s the end of an era (I think).

Harold’s, an institution in our city, is (supposedly) closing its doors on Sat. What I love about this place is that ALL sorts of people go there – elderly folks, businessmen and -women dressed up in their best work suits, Air Force personnel, college students, everyone! They are brought together in this tiny hole in the wall cinderblock shack and no one thinks twice about it once they’ve bitten into the chopped beef sandwich in a Q basket (or another of Harold’s offerings).

While Harold’s has been around for what seems like forever, there have recently been some rumors that he’ll be closing his doors, and sure enough, when we arrived today, there was a sign that read, “As of Sat., July 30, Harold’s will close temporarily – future plans uncertain.” Some say he’s getting too old and his son doesn’t want to take over the business, some say he’s asking too much for his restaurant and (most important) secret recipe for his sauce, but regardless of the reason, Harold and all he brings to the BBQ world…

…(including but not limited to:) the photos of folks holding bottles of his sauce from here to Australia (literally) that line the walls…the red and white checkered tablecloths on the old booths and picnic tables inside…the jerseys and memorabilia from famous people who’ve visited and (less famous but perhaps more important) the local sports teams that have been sponsored by Harold’s…the times when Harold himself would greet you and grace the whole restaurant with his rendition of Happy Birthday…even the iconic yellow wax paper that everything is wrapped in, and his wife sitting at the cash register happily ringing you up…

…will be greatly missed.

(That is, if it’s not all just a gimick and they’ll really reopen sometime soon…)


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