mix it up

This morning, I did something that I thought I’d never do in my own house.

(I know…you can hardly wait.)

I mixed two types of cereal together and ate them for breakfast. Together!  In the same bowl!

For some, this may not be a routine-jarring, life-altering type of change, but for me, a life-long segregator of cereals, it almost felt like it. And while there have been instances in my life in the past when the mixing of cereals has happened out of necessity, this time it was voluntary, it was in my own house, and it was symbolic.

These past couple of years of living in Texas, while being great, have allowed me to settle in to my ideas of comfort, and I feel as though maybe I’ve settled too far.  The more I get settled in to that comfortable spot, the harder it will be to eventually climb out, and before I know it, nothing will be good enough if it’s not “just so.”  Burrowing deeper under the covers of comfort has lessened my desire to branch out, to try new things, and to really, actually, honest-to-God get out of my comfort zone.

In working out, “mixing up the routine” is a surefire way to boost the potential and payoff of what you’re doing.  Sure, you might be sore after the first new exercise, but your muscles will get stronger and will eventually thank you for it.  Maybe this is how it is with the rest of life, too…it’s uncomfortable at first but when you stick with the change, you’ll find (or develop) strength in areas you didn’t have before.

So here’s to making changes just for the sake of avoiding stagnation.  Here’s to expanding your comfort zone.  Here’s to being sore in a good way.

Here’s to mixing breakfast cereals.


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