number 4

4. Go camping at least twice.

We have gone more than twice, which is a good thing, but a couple of highlights:

  • camping at a site on the Big Sur coast in California on our May road trip.  The sunset was gorgeous, the scenery in general was breathtaking, and the weather was perfect.  (We also camped at Yosemite and the Grand Canyon during this trip, which was also awesome.)
  • camping in the Wichita Mountains in October with friends Dan and Laura.  Remind me to tell you our tarantula tales from that trip, and the in-tent discussions (the four of us shared) that were had.
  • we also went to Big Bend for a “right before school” trip, which was really fun.  We hiked up Casa Grande, backpacked into the back country and scaled Emory Peak.  Then I started studying for four months straight.  🙂

Well, one more thing crossed off the 26 Things list…Here’s to more camping adventures in the future!


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