rob god brown

Sibling Tribute Week – Day 5*

Well, let’s wrap things up by introducing you to Derek’s brother and his wife.  Rob’s name is actually Robert Theo, but “Rob God Brown” has a certain ring to it, no?  (Also, I am sensing somewhat of a theme with the blasphemous nicknames, but I must say that I did not start this trend…Derek was just jealous that his parents named his brother after God and named him after the guy from “Music Man” – Preston.  I should probably also mention that Derek’s dad’s middle name also is Preston, so it’s not just after the Music Man guy.  FYI.)

So, Rob and his wife Brooke are awesome.  Derek likes to recount one of the first times we met, when Rob suddenly started asking me really deep questions about my life story and my faith and what stuff I’m afraid of.  I was somewhat taken aback at first, but realized soon that that honesty and openness is part of what makes Rob so great.  He and Brooke are really genuine and are great conversationalists.  Not to mention the fact that both are also hilarious.  Again, thinking about them makes me lament living so far away, but knowing that it will be 60 degrees here today while 23 degrees and snowing there makes me feel a little better about that.

Rob and Brooke also have two beautiful girls who are growing up far too quickly.  They are both very inquisitive and comfortable with people (aka will let me hold them and talk to them even though they only see me a couple of times per year).  I spoke with the oldest on the phone the other day and she just chatted away in that sweet little voice, talking about broken bones and Christmas decorations.  Although we got to see them over Thanksgiving, I can’t wait to have some more time with them both over Christmas (which is practically here)!

*Finishing this up a couple of weeks late, but I have the excuse of final papers and exams.  Next up – working on the last month of the 26 things list!


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