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Sibling Tribute Week – Day 4

Since Josh’s nickname (bestowed upon him by my father for who knows what reason) has never been written down (that I am aware of), I went with phonetic spelling, although there may be a silent “p” at the beginning.  Josh has many nicknames (Joshy Washy Squishy Squashy, Jochrane, etc.)   Derek says it’s blasphemous for me to refer to Josh as Yeshua sometimes (because it’s one form of the Hebrew transcription of Jesus), but I just think it’s fun to say.

Anyway.  My little brother Josh (Sarah fits between us) is one of the most put together people I know.  He’s had a Roth IRA since was in high school, and is smarter than…well, I don’t know, but he’s pretty smart.  (He’s in grad school for engineering right now, if that tells you anything!)*  Josh (full name Joshua Stuart – the Stuart part after my grandpa, who died from cancer shortly before Josh was born) is very talented and has always been really thoughtful (takes after his big brother in this).  He’s hilarious and has a great kind-of nervous laugh.  He is responsible but in a way that still fits for a college guy.  Like I said – he’s pretty put together.  And he’s got a DeLorean, for goodness sake!

He’ll marry Megan this summer, which we are all excited about.  Not only does that round out the whole “everyone in our family marrying someone from MI” thing, but she’s also excellent, and having her as part of our family these past couple of years has been great.  He proposed last year during Christmas with the whole family present – it’s an awesome memory.

(Nice of them to have just had their engagement photos taken.)

*Pretty sure Josh will finish his degree before me, even though I’m four years older.  Just an FYI.


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